The Many Taboos of Being Gay

Sakti Actor Studio

April 22 - 23, 2016,
08:00 PM
Black Box Theater

Public: IDR100.000

Student: IDR75.000

It is difficult existing in this world as a gay or lesbian, especially since it is often considered as sexual dysfunction or some sort of disease that requires medical or religious intervention for healing. However,they continue on their life’s journey that is filled with taboos and pressures. Are we, the majority who consider ourselves "normal",[still] trying to make life difficult for them?

Sakti Actor Studio will perform four short plays (around 20 minutes each) tailored around this theme, i.e. Sweet Hunk O’Trash by Eric Lane, Twenty Dollar Drinks, Frozen Dog, and Uncle Chick by Joe Pintauro. They will perform these plays two days in a row. Each day, the four plays will be performed with a 15-minute break after the first two plays.